Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Quiet" The Label Guarranted to Annoy an Introvert

I like things quiet.
Ever since I could remember, people have referred to me as such.
And my personal, assuming favorite "nice".
As if my lack of speech somehow conveys that I am a meek hearted person who never has the conviction to say much of anything at all.
In actuality, my lack of speech is mostly due to the fact that I have no interest in speaking at all. Or even that I have no overwhelming desire to make my thoughts known.
Why waste my inner world with somebody who expects a chat about the weather rather than what their favorite time of day is or how the color gray makes them feel.
In actuality, though I am admittedly a bit tongue tied around people I feel the need to impress, I am not a shy person.
Speaking in front of the whole class did not make me shake.
I am not glued to my tumblr dashboard, in fact I am almost always outside.
The thought of telling others my opinion did not send me running for the girls bathroom.
I don't dramatically fling myself across a bed when the world doesn't function the way I want it to (I'm looking at you, Disney princesses).
I am not a doormat.
That could be the thing that kept me from fitting in.
I am not a charming nerd with glasses who stutters adorably.
I am voracious, stubborn, adventurous, and also somewhat of a...well, you know.
I am nice to those I believe deserve it, and icily cold people who only see me in terms of what I can give them.
Have you ever called someone quiet? I suggest you think about it before you do. Reserved people are easy targets after all, they won't tell you that what you say hurts them. They probably won't even admit it to themselves.